I am thrilled to have you here at The Writer's Cyber Colony. You should be proud to have made the commitment to your writing. I am certainly proud and honored to help you every step of the way, no matter your experience or background. All are welcome!

The Writer's Cyber Colony is here to nurture your writing, share ideas, and help you find your voice.

WHAT WE DO - How the Colony works.

Each day while you're here, you will be encouraged to write - as little or as much as you want - then share that work with your Colony colleagues. Each day you will also receive a personalized, detailed critique from me with comments on style, voice, story, and process. Sharing ideas is a big part of a successful Colony experience. At the completion of your stay here, you'll be given a complete review of your writing, an assessment of your goals, and a plan you can put into action that will assist you in taking the next important step in your writing.

JOINING THE COLONY - When, where, and price.

The Writer's Cyber Colony is held several times a year. You can sign up for a one or two week retreat, and the cost is very reasonable, far less expensive than other online classes and workshops. The Colony also offers personal, one-on-one attention. All you need is a computer with Internet access and you can be part of the Colony, involving yourself in a wonderfully collaborative experience.

To get more details on the process, pricing, and modifying the retreat to meet your schedule and specific goals, or to ask any question about the Colony, contact me personally at this email address - writerscybercolony@gmail.com.

ABOUT ME - The teacher, coach, and facilitator.

I have years of writing experience as a journalist and author, and have won numerous awards for my work. I am also an experienced teacher, currently working with undergraduates as a tenured professor at Columbia College Chicago. You can find out more at www.davidwberner.com.

I am committed to making this a productive and memorable experience for you.


David W. Berner
The Writer's Cyber Colony